C-clamp closeup
Clamp Light 01
Clamp Light 02
Clamp Light 03
Fixture Baby Pin
Fixture open
Fixture Typical
Light with c-clamp Rear
Light with c-clamp
Nema Plug 2
Small Fixture w-C-clamp
Small Fixture
Original Small

This DIY lighting kit (8 fixtures) was used on a greenscreen stage. The fixtures were originally outdoor fluorescent fixtures modified for studio use.  There are three different styles of mounting.


Light Stand Spring-Clamps (3 fixtures)

Light Bar C-Clamps (3 fixtures)

5/8-Inch Baby (16mm) Snap-In Pin (2 fixtures)


(The light stands are not included in this group)


Each fixture has a 65-watt flourescent lamp. (300-watt light incandescent equivalent.)

(* A couple of lamps broke during packing)

(**There is no warranty or liabilty attached)

Greenscreen Light Kit

8 Fixtures

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