Photo of the Digital Audio Workstation

Digital Audio Workstation

Complete DAW. Includes:

Presonus Firepod 8-channel DAW

Gator GSR-2U Studio-2-Go Laptop Rack Bag

Sony Laptop PC

Sony Vegas software (audio capture and editing)

Case with seven studio microphones: 3 MXL990, 4 MCA-SP1

Nady DMK-3 Drum Microphone kit

5 Floor microphone stands

Gator case for microphone stands

4 Boom Arms

Floor microphone stands.

Photo of Presonus Firepod

The Gator Cases Studio-2-Go Laptop and 2-Space Rack Bag features:

Carrying case for laptop and 2-space rackmount recording device

Padded area above rack rail for storing a laptop to be permanently connected to the recording gear via feed-through hole

Easy zip-open front and rear covers

External storage compartment

Threaded rack rail

Computer area - inside dimensions 18.5" x 1.5" x 14"

Interior Length: 12.50"

Interior Width: 19.00"

Interior Height: 3.50"



The laptop is an old Sony Vaio VGN-C140G with 120gb HDD, 2gb RAM.

What this laptop has that few other laptops have is a Firewire port. (Required for the Firepod).

The Firepod drivers and Sony Vegas are installed (disc included).

(Vegas is the software I used to capture and edit the audio).

The keyboard needs cleaning, but a USB keyboard is included.


I used Sony Vegas (included) as my recording software.

Here is a YouTube video of someone using the Firepod with Audition:

If you use Sony Vegas, the interface is very similar.



The Nady DMK-3 Drum Microphone Kit:

includes a pair of DM70 instrument microphones, a DM80 kick drum microphone, mounting clips, and a foam-lined storage case. The package is ideal for mic placement on a drum kit in live sound and recording applications. Both microphones are flexible and feature a wide frequency response for capturing a wide variety of instruments.



The Microphones Case:

Contains four MCA SP1 and three MXL 990 studio microphones.




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